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Your Source for Custom Leaf Springs

If you need custom leaf springs or stock leaf springs to replace your worn or cracked leaf springs for your vehicle or trailer, we can take care of you with a brand new replacement set or single leafs either from the inventory of prefabricated leaf springs we carry or with custom crafted ones directly from our shop.   Our custom leaf springs are made from the highest quality steel sourced and produced right here in the USA.  With our springs, you will not only be getting a new replacement set but one made with better quality than the originals in most cases.  We can also reinforce your spring pack with extra springs to make them more heavy duty.  We have the capability to lift or drop leaf spring arches according to your desired height and specifications as well as handcrafting leaf springs for modified cars (mods).   We have fabricated custom leaf springs for all sorts of vehicles ranging from demolition derby cars, to monster trucks, to RVs/campers, and on down to golf carts, utility vehicles and trailers.  There isn’t much we can’t do outside of a few exceptions like really old antique cars such as Model T’s.  

Additionally, we sell various hard-to-get leaf spring components and parts.  All of our u-bolts are crafted right here in house.  The easiest approach is to give us a call and speak to either Jim Christian or Nick Bahr to better assess your needs.  

If you email us, please include the following information: 

  • Type of vehicle, trailer, etc
  • Year, Make and Model of your vehicle, trailer, tractor, etc.
  • Original spring parts manufacturer along with number/ID if you have it.
  • Attach any photos or diagrams that would be helpful.
custom leaf springs
Custom Made U-Bolts

When to replace your leaf springs

People often ask us how to determine when it is time to replace a leaf spring.  For us, the answer is based on observation.

  1. Does the area of the vehicle that the leaf spring should support sag?  If yes, it’s time to replace the leaf spring.
  2. If you visually inspect your leaf spring and see that any of the leaves is either cracked or broken, it’s time to have the leaf springs replaced.  Once one leaf is cracked or broken, it disproportionately distributes the load stress to the other leaves which will rapidly lead to more leaves breaking.  It is possible to just replace a single spring in the spring pack but the leaves in the pack may need to be carefully inspected for integrity and potentially re-arched.  Often, it’s better to replace the entire spring pack with a new fresh set.  But connect with us on the specifics of your situation if in doubt and we’ll give you advice on the best course of action.

It is dangerous to drive with leaf springs that are compromised.  If you have questions or doubts, give us a call and we can help you more accurately appraise the integrity of your leaf springs and get you back on the road again in no time with your new set of custom leaf springs.

Our Service Area

We provide leaf springs to any place in the United States.  If you are willing to pay for shipping, we can sell you leaf springs.  

U.S. Orders Outside of St. Louis

For leaf spring orders outside of the St. Louis area that cannot be picked up by the customer, we use a variety of shipping carriers depending on the size of the order and the region of the country we are shipping the order to.  

Shipping custom leaf springs to anywhere in the US